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The Joe - Sorry If It Singed You

"Nothing fills the gap and stays, at least, it seems that way ... I regret the day nightly because the gap remains and there's darkness painted there ... since the day I winced away from the light ... and the light was the Christ of my younger life when life was still exactly that..."


The sky went orange yesterday - God's task What are stripes to earn, when the stripes are black? Placate cruelty in man's fingertips This paroxysm, an effort of his Man sees the dirt and his feet become paws Man eats the plant, and with his teeth, he gnaws These structures built to collapse look much like fangs His pupils of sorrow, why yesterday? He asks: why a beast in this shadowed land? Finding ground on a shore of cloud-like sand His head not in the sand, nor in the clouds He is a tiger, identity found