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The Vanity of Art: The Relation Between Christendom and Bad Art and Some Other Meanderings

"But we are not unaware of the identity of those who are at work behind those displayed names and images, who exult in the homage paid to them and pretend to be divine, namely, the evil spirits, the demons. We see then, also, that the arts are consecrated to the honor of those who appropriate the names of the inventors of those arts, and that they are not free from the taint of idolatry when their inventors for that very reason are considered gods." ~ Tertullian, De Spectaculis, Chapter X
Many of the artists in our days are scoundrels. These imperfect beings making imperfect objects, and yet their products are interpreted as being "perfect." Are the appetites of some actually satisfied so easily? And even if the objects of their making do seem quite "good," how does one properly separate the art from the artist? What I mean to say is, how does one observe the creation without being reminded of the sinful humanity of the artist? Especially in this era, wher…


Hanging onto nicotine like monkey bars. And my palms are feeling cold. But at least my face is warm. And my lungs full. Spinning on a merry-go-round. Feeling a little drunk. There is a spill in the sand. Every time the Spring comes. I wonder if it's Riesling? I'm on a child's swing. One with the oscillation. If Camellia's by my side. I go up. When she's gone. I go down.