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Media Bias, Memes, and Foolish Comedians

It has come to my attention that the media is not only biased but that their bias is contradictory. I leave it up to the reader to think of examples that substantiate my claim. But does my statement make any sense? Is not contradictory bias inconceivable, since bias involves one side, and contradiction at least two? Technically, I'm not wrong. You could say that a single media outlet cannot contain a contradictory bias, or else there would be no bias at all. However, when considering numerous outlets of media, ones that have conflicting biases, there is a contradictory bias when considering the summation. 

On another level, it is worth mentioning the biased contradiction of the response to said media. People have a tendency to pick and choose and media is no exception. If you know that your source of media always botches its examination and presentation of X, then why should that source be trustworthy in relation to Y?

This brings me to another point: the fast-food approach to study…

Photojournalism of the Soul

The number of examples of visual art I've shared on the blog has been limited, so this shall add to that humble collection. I'd like to showcase some work from Mark Hilpert (1968 - 2006). I came across his art through a downtempo music recording entitled Worshipmusic by Yochannan (2002), viz, the album cover is a portion of one of Hilpert's creations.

Before pasting in some of his art, I feel inclined to first include a quote from the artist: "I am more concerned with the spiritual source of human expression than what is being expressed."

Pro et Contra: Sociology


1. Critical thinking - the discipline directs attention toward overlooked details and questions about society. Sociology encourages going beyond face value and I enjoy that aspect of it (this is also why I take a liking to philosophy). This world is very far from God, and so I think that it's useful to be able to able to look past the "normal" mechanisms by which it operates. The devil will do whatever he can to make you numb and blind to his scandals.

2. Theory - unlike the more popular social science, psychology, sociology makes use of different theories; at the very least, sociologists actually seem to be aware of the biased framework(s) that they operate from and will admit that they are biased. Psychology seems to espouse the arrogant attitude of "this is objective science - don't question it" and this attitude is rather annoying.

3. Variety - sociology has a number of interesting focuses: deviance, religion, crime, sports, the arts, and so forth. I …

Cold Air

A team of sailors surround a fountain. Early March breaks away like an iceberg. "Away with February!" one man proclaims. But it's still cold in the air. A few make somber conversation about the rust. Scattered coins remind them of buoys that didn't save. "Lay waste to words!"proclaims another. He hadn't said a word 'til then, for his left hand contained every word worth saying. A helpless memorandum, but why can't he let go? It's still cold in the air.


I thought it worthwhile to compile a few writings that contain, what I would consider, interesting thoughts in relation to politics - what I shall deem "unpolitics." These writings stray from the plebeian tone of politics-based diatribes (are not all diatribes political?) and other text-based formats, offering refreshing ideas about a topic that is often so very sterile. The consistency of the spirit of these writings when taken in tandem is perhaps questionable, though I think that each writing contains fascinating thoughts about the topic at hand.

Feel free to let me know if my ellipses are off, too. I'm currently diving into the autodidact's wonderland, Wikipedia, attempting to educate myself on how to properly use them, but I don't care enough, so I'm just going to go with what I think looks good.

1. Peter Kreeft - The Two Most Revolutionary Verses in the Bible

"The strong point of conservatives is that they conserve ... Their weak point is that th…

Thinking About World News

I could begin this writing by elaborating on technological advancement and how that has effected the media and the distribution of certain media, in this case, world news. But this all seems rather tired, going over the history of such advancement. Or maybe I'm just too tired to care? In any case, I have to start on the right foot somehow. Consider this my anti-intro before submerging into some personal observations about world news, particularly, world news that revolves around calamity.

Personally, I've never been intentional about staying up to date on world news. I can't dispel the criticism in and of itself that such a choice is ignorant, but are some things not worth ignoring? It is true that "...the eyes of man are never satisfied,” as Solomon wrote in the Psalms so very long ago, and with that, it's not surprising that the modern individual desires to watch the world as if occupying the head office of Bentham's Panopticon.

Now, perhaps the Panopticon ana…

A Healthy Dose of Metaphysics, Star Wars, and 80s Rock

Obj. 1 - Metaphysicist Stephen Mumford provides some insight on negative properties. He uses the same hippopotamus example that's in his introductory book, which is enjoyable. I remember how amazed I was the first time I came across it.

Obj. 2 - A plethora of Star Wars clips are matched to "Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins.

Registered for Classes, 4th Year

Today was registration day; for me, the fourth year. This meant I had to get up a little earlier than what my recent schedule has allowed for (7:30 am - I'm an arts student, leave me alone). But I didn't mind because I got to choose these fun looking courses. I'm already preoccupied with thoughts about textbooks since I have no problem whatsoever with spending more money on books of a theoretical nature. Not that I think I'm that bourgeois, but I enjoy reading so that's that. My inclination in posting this picture on the blog is that it will serve as an artifact of my very first set of registered classes for the year; I am renowned for adding/dropping them, so we'll see if I yield to familiar choices or deviate. I have a good feeling I'll keep the schedule, although I'm somewhat uncertain about SOC 227. However, I will stubbornly fight to keep my metaphysics elective on the agenda. I've loved metaphysics ever since I read Stephen Mumford's inspi…

The Wine

Thee wash'd mine own senseth of lodging, thee wash'd it in the wine. Eff'rvescence wast enow to waketh mine own dead eyes. And at which hour mine own eyes w're hath found undead, thee spake few w'rds. But true w'rds hath brought living to life, spilling with myrrh. And anon, all I can bethink about is how longeth ago. How longeth ago it wast, at which hour timeth I didst not know. At which hour I wast non-static and didn't wanteth to beest. At which hour minutes w're grace, not cinders to beest setteth free. From soil wh're hounds bark and it sounds liketh nothing. Mine own listening rest'red, und'rstanding something. Something is in ev'rything, not ign'ring this. All this I hadst seen and I thank thee for the wine.

In Medias Res - Spring 2016 Issue

A couple of my poems have been included in the latest edition of In Medias Res, a liberal arts journal published by St. Thomas More College. It's always a pleasure contributing to this wonderful publication; I admire the general spirit and find something of interest in every issue. Although I will say that I'm dissatisfied on my part with "open / close." I believe it's one of my weaker poems, though I initially thought it was quite good for some reason that now seems rather alien.

Blog Repair / The Idols They Will Make

As you might have noticed, the blog has recently been subject to repair. For one thing, I have edited the categories. This means that some posts have been deleted and that I have also done some renaming of categories. Once again, I have changed the general feel of the blog. I was using a Dynamic Views template before and now I am using a Simple template. I like the clouds header and I believe that this new design is easier on the eyes. That said, it still looks bad on mobile ... oh well.

Now, to talk abouta piece of music: "The Idols They Will Make" by The Joe. This has been one of my favorite songs for a few years now (sorry that sounds so cliché ... the quality of the song is beyond any description I might conjure up). And though I desire to detach myself from the attitude of music sharing that says "you have to listen to this," I figured it's a song that fits well with the content of this blog, so I'll go ahead and share. Maerten van Heemskerck's engr…