Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Today's depth goes to the bottom of a well. Above the swallow of blackness, there hangs a flaxen aureole. The well makes a coy proclamation of empty thirst. If only the light could nourish the darkness. Darkness once unknown is now mere darkness exposed. Alas, the emptiness remains. Aspiration builds upon the tumbles of time. From where shall holy water pour? Let this aureole rain, O' God. Let the empty bask in your light.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

When did it come to be an expectation that men ought to be talkative?

The title of this entry serves as a basic summary of an observation I've made in my experience of working minimum wage-esque jobs. Time and time again, I've encountered, in some form or another, vocal observation about how introverted I am (based on my numerous takings[?] of the Myers-Briggs personality test in recent times, I'm somewhere between 80% and 100% introverted (INFJ, to be exact - though I'd probably rather be an INFP - but nah, I can't lie to myself like that) - yes, one time the result was literally 100% - now where's my reward - I mean, I had a good laugh at the time but ... wow, look at this meandering).

But enough of this psychological personality banter. It's not really about me, since this is about men in general, or, I should say, what I perceive to be an expectation of men in general. From what I'm aware, there existed in the past a stereotype that men were less talkative than women, and it would seem to me that this stereotype remains vital to some extent. So the problem then becomes: why am I expected to be more talkative?

Believe me, it's not that I'm so deluded as to think I have some inherent right to not talk (is the right to remain silent not contrary, though? ... guess I've never been in the back of a police car). It's not that I'm particularly interested in how this macro level change occurred, assuming it occurred at all, either. I guess it truly is more existential than I thought; it all points right to me.

Nor do I really care to stop people from analyzing and evaluating me - though I do have some trouble with in-person critiquing, since I'm not particularly "quick on my feet." I cannot for the life of me understand how some people always have something to say ... well, maybe I could find something to say all the time, but it wouldn't always be related to what other people talk about. Hearing strings of words and drawing blanks is a usual correlation.

What's the point of all this? I guess I am, deep down, curious to know whether or not men in general have become more talkative over time and whether or not they are expected to talk more than they once were, particularly, in public settings like the workplace, for instance. And ... contradictions are at full speed!

But my ambition in writing this must have been greater than that? I guess this was a topic I left on the back burner for awhile and it came to mind tonight, and tonight I attempted to write a poem but that effort plummeted, so I resorted to this. I guess life is sometimes strange as an introvert, if I must give myself that label. Not that I'm calling for some quasi-Marxist overturn of extroversion / extroverts ... I'm sure life is strange for everyone. Consider this a sample of what I find strange.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

From Sight Comes Sound?

A few minutes ago I placed a 7 inch onto my turntable. As I watched the vinyl spin around, it struck me how odd it is that sound can be projected from a visual. I realize that there exists some explanation for how this works, though such an explanation lays beyond my interest. At any rate, and more generally speaking, it's quite bewildering how sound is commonly rendered from visual sources; and not only that, but it is objective sound that is rendered from these sources. Of course, I do believe that there is some degree of interpretation that goes on in the relation process of individual and sound, but there is a static quality to sound being projected at a certain moment in time. Imagine that Bach performs "Orchestral Suite #3 In D, BWV 1068 - Gigue" at time T. Only one performance happened at T and it would be ludicrous to infer that many Bach performances happened simultaneously. There is no debate as to how long the piece of music lasted or the dynamic articulation, for instance.

But can the same be said about our opposite encounter, that is, visuals being rendered from sound? It seems unlikely. Suppose that numerous AM radio listeners spread among some rural territory are dialed into the same station at the same time. The song playing is about a dog, let's say a Labrador Retriever. There is very little chance that any two or more listeners have the exact same image of the dog in their mind. The dog-images probably differ in terms of characteristics like color, age, size, etc. There is no objective quality to the visual conjured on behalf of the individuals listening to the same song.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Underoath - When the Sun Sleeps

I considered "The Changing of Times" to be my favorite album for quite a while until "Dead Throne" by The Devil Wears Prada took its place in 2012.* Though I think it true that the former is an objectively better album than the latter, I have, overall, subjectively enjoyed the latter more. That being said, I don’t listen to songs from either album that often these days. I’ve more or less overplayed “Dead Throne” so at this point I’d probably enjoy this classic Underoath album more. It's interesting to note that these have been my favorite albums since metalcore is not a genre I listen to a whole lot. Anyway, I've had this song in my head the past couple days and I always thought the video was interesting, especially since it mostly involves the band playing. Also, there’s some nostalgia from watching this on Yahoo! Music back in the day on that laughably small video player.

* “Dead Throne” was released in 2011, but I only listened through the full album the following year.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Radix Fidem Entry - The Spirit Realm

Ed Hurst, a contemporary Christian mystic, initiated participation in creating his forthcoming Radix Fidem booklet. I wrote some thoughts in relation to point 3: the Spirit Realm is real and beyond comprehension. It can be accessed here.

Monday, July 11, 2016


A man builds a fire in a psychical state.
A past of stone and a future made of wormwood.

A man sees a structure and swoons at its sight.
Such allure cannot tremble.

A man stares all around him.

Mesmerized by the roundness, he loses.

A man squints at the sky
and in his lack of vision is a perfect view.

A man is occupied with the esoteric
and senselessness adorns everything.

A man loses sleep over systems
and he hasn't dreamt in months.

A man lives unbound
and his point is that there is none.

A man lives strictly
and he never moves.

"God was there,"
said a man.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sea Creatures (Slow-Fi Maritimes Remix)

I finished remixing an old song of mine this morning. "Sea Creatures" was finished in late 2010, though it only made it to a b-sides project nearly two years later. I don't remix a lot but I think this one turned out pretty decent. If anything, I'm at least happy with the title of the remix. I almost didn't use the "slow-fi" term but I think it's somewhat clever. From the outset I wanted to include "maritime" in the title, though I waffled about replacing it with P.E.I. or Nova Scotia or the like. But that didn't happen and I'm not chapped about it. I would also like to give a round of applause to Bandcamp for having the best looking music players.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Posting Habit

Apart from any direct intention, I have recently noticed my tendency to post at approximately the same time, not by hour, but by minute.

Take a look at the posting times below. These were all selected from the home page of the blog.

1. What does it mean to do one's best? 4:47 PM

2. Media Bias, Memes, and Foolish Comedians. 10:53 AM

3. Photojournalism of the Soul. 3:50 PM

4. Pro et Contra: Sociology. 9:50 AM

5. Cold Air. 11:50 PM

6. Thinking About World News. 9:52 PM

Only one post from the home page wasn't mentioned here (I guess this one won't be in the ballpark, either). Time will tell if these circadian rhythms(?) shall persist.

What does it mean to do one's best?

The answer to the question is contingent upon what is meant by “best.” There are at least two ways one can go about defining the term. The first is that "best” is some phenomena that can be recycled, for instance, projecting utmost effort at a given time and having the ability to project that utmost effort once again, if not more than once. But a confusion entails: what is meant by utmost effort? Is there only one utmost effort or is there a range as to what constitutes utmost effort? It seems very likely that there is only one utmost effort because the term "utmost" refers to the greatest degree. But can't the greatest change from situation to situation? The second way to define “best” is that it is some phenomena that can only be utilized once, that is to say, projecting utmost effort at a single moment and never being able to project such effort again. Here it must be recognized that there are some flies in the ointment. For one, we must ask ourselves the same question in relation to definition 1: what does utmost effort exactly refer to? Another difficulty comes when considering the state of existence of the person who has done their best ex post facto. Would all of the person's vitality just vanish or is it merely that the person would be unable of exerting an effort that great ever again?