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I Am No Longer An INFJ

As a person who apparently fits within an individualist personality type, I shouldn't care about this tribe; but I do, and must admit how jovial I was reading some of the names of famous INFPs: Kierkegaard, C. S. Lewis, Van Gogh, Augustine. The most questionable component here is the P, prospecting or perception as opposed to J, judging, since I usually score as an INFJ. I would say that I am prospecting when it comes to internal matters and judging when it comes to external matters. In many ways, I am unorganized and I don't care to be anything other than that. I misplace things of value quite often, don't plan how I'll do certain things (writing drafts for papers ... no thanks ... why wouldn't I just do a good job the first time around?), and enjoy getting lost in my head, especially while walking after dark. However, I do also confide in the control of judging. For instance, I don't like finding out last minute about structured social situations that I'l…

An Ethic of Thought

Might man be able to set himself free from the shackles of false thought? Can all beliefs be made subject to destruction, or is man too milquetoast to reach this precipice of mind? I had the thought four years ago, though my current answer lacks the zest that the former answer contained. I must have imagined it was possible to do this. I remember viewing the project before me in wonder - not as some burdensome task such as fixing a broken part, but it was like building something that wasn't there before. There was elation in the anticipating of this mental exploration.

I suppose it was prone to failure, though. In order to build a home, you need a certain set of land to place it on. The worldview I wish to construct is the home and the ideas in my memory bank make up the land. Most things change over time, save for certain necessaries. The stock of ideas in my memory bank over the past four years have certainly increased. Not only does this indicate that the land, or the set of ide…


JACQUES: What does it mean to be alive?

RAINIER: To be alive means to be anything but dead.

JACQUES: You can sell these binaries for a dollar a dozen, but that won't get me any closer to meaningful aliveness. You assumed I was playing a game of logic. I knew I was asking a question of existential importance.

RAINIER: I beg your pardon, monsieur! It is quite pompous of you to assume I could read your subjective musings at the mere sight of a question - and such a lowly exemplar of syntax at that!

JACQUES: There is no need to become red in the face, Rainier. None of this means any-

RAINIER: Doesn't mean anything at all? What nonsense! You asked me to prescribe to you a framework for a meaningful existence, and suddenly you turn the tables, denying meaning at every moment of your ordinariness. It would appear that you're in despair, but you're not, or else you wouldn't be talking to me. Who are you?

JACQUES: I can't be alive or else I wouldn't have asked the questio…
I have no identity. But there is the I - how? I have an identity, or an I. It is just that it has no axiomatic, focal plane on which it resides. I am the I. But the I is homeless, psychically speaking. There are different ways to be homeless, for instance, the cyber homeless population in Japan. Then again, is not my identity to be found in Christ? But who is Christ? Christ is God. But who is God? God is who He is. He is objectively true. As far as human effort goes, it seems near impossible for anyone to know Christ - and that's probably not near impossible but actually impossible. What devices does mere man have to reach out to God - not just a concept, but a person? If a man only knows a concept, that means he doesn't go beyond himself because concepts exist at a subjective level in the mind. Man could once, through the senses, know God by taking Jesus of Nazareth into account; however, for some, this was only performed aesthetically. I know this because not everyone who pe…

A Cornucopia of Tunes Have Been Added to Bandcamp

I now have approximately six hours worth of music available for free on bandcamp. I plan on adding some prices to them by next Monday ... just to see what happens and so that I can offer the entire discography for a very reasonable price. (sic) Lump sums are trending, correct? Anyway, these are some of the 'most important' music projects I've created within the last ~9 years. Enjoy!


I have spent a lot of time music-making (approximately 200 tracks for dalama jones), and for the past ~9 years have managed to finish approximately one long play or extended play per year. Throughout my underground musical expedition, I have come across many creative artifacts, or tools to create, and so, the methods by which I create music have changed over time. I thought it would be cool to briefly sketch out the ways in which I made music for my latest project MIDI GULF.

1. Jet Ski - main beat and sound effects courtesy of AudioBlocks. The stock beat didn't loop perfectly, so I did waste some time fixing that. It sounded cleaner originally but I like lo-fi. I played the synth and background drum variations on my MIDI keyboard. There's also a Skillet sample in there, taken from "Alien Youth."

2. Rainbow Trout - made in Pro Tools with a MIDI keyboard in late 2010. No pre-made loops or illegal samples on this one, though I did use the digital Boom drum machine and Xpa…

Protestant Problems

I can't help but wonder what Martin Luther's reaction would be if he saw Protestantism for what it is today. When he nailed those 95 theses to the door of All Saints' Church nearly 500 years ago, he was essentially protesting a lack of standards, particularly, the introduction of the indulgences into the Roman Catholic church. If I am correct in my interpretation, that the heart of the matter is a lack of standards, then Protestantism is lacking some vigor these days. Of course, Protestantism is an expansive network, and so, I do not wish to paint all churches of this network with the same brush. Nevertheless, I would like to survey some Protestant artifacts here.

I've rambled about postmodern Christianity on here before. If there's one thing that's kept me up the past few months (not literally), it's been postmodernism, in both its secular and Christian forms. Is it just me, or would we all have been better off if we just left this theory to the secular phi…

On Scientific Terms: A Knowledge Gap Between Scientists and Laypersons

Note: This is an excerpt from a paper I finished in December entitled Fringes and Folkways: Why Pharmaceutical Antidepressants are More Successful 
Than Herbal Medications. I thought the following section had some interesting ideas about language and epistemology.

Pharmaceutical antidepressants include monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO inhibitors), tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). It is important to note that there are some discrepancies between how these medications are intended to operate. In order to understand how MAO inhibitors work, I must first explain what monoamine oxidase refers to. Monoamine oxidase is an enzyme that decreases serotonin levels within the axon terminal in the brain (Kolb and Whishaw 174). The three key terms in this definition are ‘enzyme,’ ‘serotonin,’ and ‘axon terminal.’ These will also be important when defining TCAs and SSRIs. An enzyme is a protein that originates from a living cell and is able to pro…

Further Seems Forever - New Year's Project