Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Society As Plastic: Some Very Short Observations

Out of all things people could be interested in, why are the masses so amused by the cheap, the insipid, and even more fatefully, the profane? Matthew wrote in 6.22 that our eyes are lamps, and furthermore, that our whole bodies should be brimming with light. But alas, many no longer use their lanterns as moral compasses, but rather, they use this technology not to guide them out of the darkness, but to keep them enveloped. Nowadays, we are worse off than Nietzsche's madman; at least he was looking for God with his lantern! What are people looking for these days? Politics, entertainment, gratification, violence, idols.

I keep on seeing content related to millennials eating guacamole toast at bourgeois restaurants, and therefore being unwise with their capital, or something along those lines. As you might have guessed, I have not taken much interest in the ordeal. Whatever the case may be though, I am stunned that these trivial news stories are the objects of peoples attention. I am also more than tired with hearing about Donald J. Trump. It seems that this preoccupation with the lives of others, especially those in power, can make people forget about their very own lives. The lack of self-awareness of those who spend their mental energy on these things will be the evidence.

And still, whenever I criticize what I consider to be the the folly of others, I mustn't forget the mystic standard: do not externalize the problem.


  1. "millennials eating guacamole toast"

    Hahaha! What?!

    1. My description was slightly incorrect; it was actually avocado toast, mentioned by Australian millionaire Tim Gurner. Either way, it is nothing less than bizarre!

    2. As an avocado fan, this interested me...until I Googled it. It's not very inspiring to me...if there really is hype around it, I don't get it.